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Mitibiashara is a non-political and non-governmental online platform that aims at facilitating exchange of forestry information among public and private actors in the forestry sector in Tanzania while at the same time acting as a link between commercial tree growers and service providers


The Forestry Development Trust was established by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation in 2013 as an independent Tanzanian institution with a long term vision for development of the commercial forestry sector.

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African Forestry (AF) is a non-profit and non-governmental Forestry Industry Organization operating for the members and the forestry stakeholders, towards creating a favorable trading environment.

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To see Tanzania’s richest and vast forest resources are managed in a sustainable, accountable and equitable way so that citizens are able to access, own, control and benefit from them.


To create an enabling environment for the promotion of sustainable forest management in Tanzania to achieve sustainable development, with special focus on improving responsible management and use of forests and their products for the benefit of both present and future generation.


To promote and foster responsible utilization of forest products without the detriment to their longer-term sustainability.

To promote the growth, development and well-being of the forestry industry, both locally and internationally.

To promote, through lobbying and advocacy, policies and operating practices, which support free competition in all spheres of activity and which foster and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in the forestry industry development.

To promote, encourage and support education and training, research and development and technology transfer in the forestry industry.

To promote the development of a sustainable biomass energy production and supply of alternative fuels to reduce deforestation.